Become a Media Partner

Join Abstract27’s network of online media partners to boost your advertising revenue and attract new advertisers targeting your audience. It’s very simple!

Abstract27 provides you with new opportunities to work with advertisers and create an additional source of revenue from your blog or website.

As a media, you will be able to host and publish your advertisers’ campaigns on your blog or website. Our platform gives you the capability to offer banner locations, slots and sizes adapted to your advertisers’ needs and targets.

Our user-friendly platform is designed to make the process so easy that allows advertisers to buy banners directly and set their chosen dates to optimise their campaigns.

Our platform allows you to allocate your available advertising banners once you’ve set the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for each type of banner. See some examples here.

You can also decide to accept or not the advertisers or banner content according to your requirements and criteria. You will also be able to track traffic on published banners from your account.

Contact us today and learn more about how Abstract27 can help you increase your advertising revenue effortlessly!