How can I book advertising slots for my advertising banners?

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Go to for a demonstration

Make your selection of media from our list of partners, choose the type of banner from those available, then click on “order”. You will then be taken to the order page.

“Choose inventory” section

In the calendar, select the period of diffusion of your advertising campaign. Availability and prices* of the various advertising slots are then displayed in a table below. In the “quantity” column, indicate the number of impressions you want to buy, then click on the “+add” button to add to the cart. (Please note that the minimum order is $3).

* Prices are indicated in CPM, this means “cost for 1000 impressions”. The number of impressions is the number of times your banner is seen by visitors.

You can select several slots.

Then click on “Set up your ads” on the right

You can upload your banner design, in the requested size, enter a name and the destination URL (your website or landing page).

Don’t forget to save the details.

“Checkout & Pay” section

Before you can make your payment, you will have to create your account.

Make your payment.

“Your order” section

Once the order is finalized, you will be able to track traffic on your advertising banners directly through your account (number of impressions and clicks generated), and also see the remaining display time.

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