Banners design

According to your brief, and your visual identity, our graphic designers will create for you impactful web advertising banners that will generate an optimum click through rate.

Advertising banners most common sizes on websites
  • Price for a simple “static” banner, in one size: £50*
  • Pack of identical design banners in 5 the different sizes above: £100*
  • Price for GIF (animated) banner, sequence of 2/3 images, in one size: £100*

* Prices do not include iconographic search or bespoke illustration design. Clients must provide a logo in Illustrator, SVG or PNG in high definition (300DPI) and, if applicable, a graphic charter.

A few tips to create a good advertising banner:

  • Simple yet creative
  • Eye-catching and noticeable
  • Says what you do/sell
  • Ask a question that will engage your audience
  • Display your USP or value proposition (reasons to click)
  • Showcase your product
  • Give a clear call to action (CTA) to guide the viewers (button), and an enticing offer
  • Must stand out against most website backgrounds

And keep in mind: The post-click experience on your website or landing page (what happens once a visitor clicks through) must be optimized for conversion.